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Bear Woznick, EWTN & Deep Adventure Ministries 

My solid friend, Bear Woznick is a TV & Radio Host, Author, Speaker, and world tandem surfing Champion. 


He produces & hosts the School of Manliness and Deep Adventure Ministries on EWTN, challenging Catholic brothers (and a some Protestants like me)

to go deeper in their faith and pursue Christian virtues. 


Saunter on over to his platform and see what our Catholic brothers are up to.

  • Bear's Man Cave & Catholic Brothers Facebook
  • Bear's Man Cave & Catholic Brothers Instagram
  • Bear's Man Cave & Catholic Brothers YouTube
  • Bear's Man Cave & Catholic Brothers Twitter

American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches

AFCC helps resource affiliate cowboy churches through communication, training, mentoring & sponsorship to enable them to start even more cowboy churches.


The goal, is to create connectedness through the movement of God’s Spirit within the Western Culture.


I encourage you to wander by and get connected.

  • Cowboy Churches Facebook
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Debbie Kay

Debbie Kay is a Christian author whose calling is to comfort people who are hurting. As the mother of a special needs child and as someone with multiple auto-immune disorders, she looks to encourage those who struggle with illness & disabilities.

If you need some get-up & go for your got-up & went, sneak over for a dose of goodness.

  • Hope for the Broken Hearted Facebook
  • Hope for the Broken Hearted Instagram
  • Hope for the Broken Hearted YouTube
  • Hope for the Broken Hearted Twitter

Food, Shelter, and Holistic Christ-Centered Help

A meal cracks open the door for a broken heart to begin to heal. Together, we can do something to help.

I, Uncle Dan, am blessed to work for this ministry and spend much of my time joyfully serving as the Partnerships Director.  

You can help provide food, shelter and holistic Christ-centered help for men, women, and children who are experiencing homelessness or trapped in poverty.

  • Everett Gospel Mission Facebook
  • Everett Gospel Mission Instagram
  • Everett Gospel Mission YouTube
  • Everett Gospel Mission Twitter
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