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Country Up... common sense for uncommon times. Join me, cowboy story teller Dan'l the Boone Markham as I deliver straight forward scripturally inspired stories for those in search of answers regarding love, marriage, family, hurt, loss, motivation, children, stress, job, and all that life can throw at you.

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sit a spell, get acquainted, and find mutual encouragement. 

Chin up, buttercup.

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Good sense, God sense & common sense desired by cowboys, cowgirls, and the buckaroo in all of us.

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Drop me a line by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen. I'll circle back.

We both got good stuff to share.

~Uncle Dan

After walking 70 years on this sod and 50 years in ministry... I've learned a few things.

Sometimes the easy way and others, the hard way.


~ a place for dialogue with the wizen old cowboy ~

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